Prof. Dr. Bashkim Ziberi
Surface engineering using low energy ion beams

Low-energy ion beam sputtering is an inherent part of numerous surface processing techniques. Typically, during ion sputtering, the surface of the solid is far from equilibrium and a variety of atomistic surface processes and mechanisms become effective. It is the complex interplay of these processes that either tends to roughen or smoothen the surface, which, finally, can result in a rich variety of surface topographies. Surface patterning is of tremendous importance in many technological fields with features ranging from nanometers to millimeters. There are different patterning techniques that generally can be assigned to the top-down and bottom-up approaches. One bottom-up method for the generation of self-organized nanostructures is low-energy ion beam erosion. It is an easy one step process for the generation of large-scale nanostructures of different materials, usually with a mean size below 100 nm. However due to the stochasticity of the process there is a lack of large area ordering of nanostructures and of positional control. Furthermore, the use of pre-patterned surfaces, a method known as guided self-organization has its inspiration in nature and is already successfully applied in heteroepitaxy and in diblock-copolymers, can additionally improve the ordering and exact positional control of nanostructures achieved. The pre-patterned substrates are fabricated by various lithographic techniques in combination with etching techniques for structure transfer. Under particular conditions smoothening of surfaces of different materials can be achieved, leading to ultrasmooth surfaces for many advanced optical applications.

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Dr. Ziberi earned his Bachelor degree in Physics in Tirana Albania in 1998. From 1999 he continued his Master and PhD studies at the University of Leipzig in Germany, and in 2006 he earned his doctor title in Physics, in the field Condensed matter physics. From 2002 until July 2010 he worked as a scientific employee at the Leibniz Institute for surface modification in Leipzig, Germany, working on surface engineering and nanostructuring of different materials using low energy ion beams. Dr. Ziberi is board member of the institute Alb-Shkenca and of the NanoAlb excellence group of ASA in Tirana. He was awarded the Fulbright scholarship in 2018 at Harvard Medical school. He has given great contribution in teaching and building of research capacities at the University and the region, as head of physics department and director of the office for scientific research and innovation in the frame of the University of Tetovo.