Prof. Dr. Ardian Harri
Effects of Subject Pool Culture and Institutional Environment on Corruption: Experimental Evidence from Albania
27.10.2022, ora 18:00 (CET, ora e Tiranës)

This research uses experimental methods to investigate whether subject pool culture and institutional environment affect participants corrupt behavior in the laboratory. This is accomplished by comparing the results for a similar experiment conducted in Germany and Albania. The corruption game with an exogenous punishment probability (sudden death) is used in the experiments. Experiments using this corruption game were previously conducted in Germany, a country typically associated with a strong rule of law and low levels of corruption. Our experiments, however, take place in Albania, a country with a weak rule of law and high levels of corruption. While we find that subject pool culture does not affect the overall magnitude of corruption of laboratory participants, it does affect the likelihood of corruption and its distribution. Additionally, we find that the effect of subject pool culture on corrupt behavior differs with the framing of experiment’s instructions. Interestingly, in the context of a weak rule a law and high levels of corruption, loaded negative instructions positively affect corrupt behavior of the firms and public officials. Previous research, in the context of a country that exhibits a strong rule a law and low levels of corruption, finds no framing effects. We also find that increasing the probability of detection significantly reduces corruption as measured by the amount of the bribe offered/accepted and the probability of offering/accepting a bribe. Finally, we find that individual’s risk preferences negatively affect the level of corrupt behavior.

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Dr. Ardian Harri is an agricultural economist in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Mississippi State University (MSU). Dr. Harri has been a faculty member at MSU since 2004. He earned his Ph.D. in agricultural economics from Oklahoma State University in 1999. Prior to joining MSU Dr. Harri worked in the government and private sectors. Dr. Harri’s research focuses on the use of econometric and statistical methods to analyze the different aspects of risk and risk management related to the production and marketing of agricultural products. Dr. Harri´s research efforts were supported with external funding of over $2.8 million from grants and contracts. He teaches graduate classes in econometrics, survey design, agribusiness risk, and research seminar. Dr. Harri has served as the Graduate Coordinator and the Interim Department Head in the Department of Agricultural Economics at MSU. He has also served on numerous graduate committees.